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Monday, November 29, 2010

Recycled Barn Wood

Old Barn wood beams and barn boards are rich with our American history. Recycling old barns is an environmentally friendly use of existing resources. When we recycle this old wood we are saving the past for the enjoyment of future generations by adding authentic Americana to family homes and select commercial facilities. From our old barns emerge hand hewn beams, barn boards and reclaimed barn wood that retain the rich patina and character imparted by decades of daily use and of weathering by wind, rain and sun.  
50 years ago it was estimated that over half the people living in America were living rurally or on a farm. Today less than 2% of our population is involved in farming.
Many old barns are mended and reused. However, many are moving into critical disrepair. Once its roof starts going, a barns wood beams and barn board interior will quickly start to decay. The recent trend is to try to recycle the salvaged barn lumber, barn boards and reclaimed wood beams from the old barns that are dotted across our American landscape. The follow are a series of Sellers from Etsy and elswhere who folowing this trend and providing beautiful art inthe process.

 Vanity Cabinet 


  1. Very, very cool...what wonderful creations! I am so into upcycling!

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