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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Upcycle Envelopes into Envelopes

Upcycle Envelopes into Envelopes

I recently won this Decole envelope template from Yozocraft over on Sweet Tidings (another favorite blog of mine). And I've got to say, it has to be one of the best things I've ever won. It's by Decole and it's crafty, what's not to love? So like a child with a new toy, I instantly started playing with it. I decided to test it out on some security envelopes I salvaged. Below are a couple pictures of the results.

To make your own envelopes you will need, a template, security envelopes, scissors, and a glue stick. If you don't have a template, there's a lot of free envelope templates online. You can also unfold an envelope you already have and use that as your template.

1. Cut open your used security envelope so it's a flat piece of paper. Trace template on the envelope. Cut out. It should look something like the picture above.

2. Fold into an envelope and glue together with a glue stick. Glue sticks work best because they won't make the paper wrinkle. Liquid glue tends to make paper pucker.

I played around with security envelopes with address windows. Above I stuffed a $20 dollar bill in the envelope. I like the idea of someone getting a little sneak peak of their gift. These money envelopes are the perfect size for gift cards too. Go to my shop and check out some other types of envelopes I have made. UpcycleRecycleReuse Shop

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