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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

gifts in upcycled jars

Candy Cane Bath Salts In A Jar

candy cane bath salts
Looking for an easy, inexpensive holiday gift? Pretty layered bath salts make a perfect gift for teens, co-workers or teachers. Sparked with the holiday scent of peppermint, Candy Cane Bath Salts are a seasonal treat.
Makes 12 gift jars at a cost approximately $1.50 per jar.
Includes free printable gift tags

Mason Jar Recipes: Holiday Ideas for Gifts In A Jar

Gifts in a jar! These frugal consumable gifts feature bath salts, cookie ingredients, holiday beverage mixes, baking mixes or bean soup fixings layered in a glass canning jar, or Mason jar.
Mason jar recipes make easy homemade Christmas gifts. Topped with a colorful fabric circle and a free printable gift tag, they're a welcome holiday treat.
We've got all you need to know to make gifts in a jar. Get started with our instructions, tips and mason jar recipes. Don't forget to visit the Gifts in a Jar forms library to print gift tags for a finishing touch!

Candle Jars
Candle Jars 
Total Time Needed:  1 Hour
While melting and pouring wax is best left to adults, the creative parts of this candle-making project (choosing the perfect crayon to color the wax and decorating the glass holder with beads) are meant for kids.

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