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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Etsy Artist Feature - Argentina - Fused Plastic Necklaces

Fused Plastic Jewelry from Recycled Plastic Bags

etsy artists are doing amazing work with fused plastic from recycled plastic grocery bags. … true trash to treasure!

This artist is working in fused plastic from recycled plastic bags is Cynthia Del Giudice located in the Argentine Pampas outside Buenos Aires, Argentina. Cynthia combines delicate flowers made from recycled plastic grocery bags with cultured freshwater pearls and sterling silver chain. So dainty and beautiful …and what a lovely conversation piece to raise awareness of plastic pollution.
Quote: For the contemporary, art loving, recycling, eco-friendly woman who dares to to wear jewelry that is out of the ordinary.
$200.00 at Cynthia Del Giudice’s Etsy Shop

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