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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An Old Chair Turned Shelf

Do you have chairs that aren't fit for sitting on anymore? Why not remove the legs and cut the seat down and make it a shelf. The picture below is one used for outdoor decoration and I sprayed it with crackle paint, then I embellished with recycled junk. And indoor chair has many possibilities too!

I hung my chair by drilling straight through with a big wood screw. Shh...don't tell my hubby it's straight through the siding too. You could hang yours with a picture bracket, but beware in high wind if you hang it outside. It could blow off the wall during the night and wake you from a deep sleep thinking you had an intruder. You can see the ramifications of that problem...
Note: The seat was removed and replaced with a board, so only the top of the original chair was used. But you could use the chair seat and saw it off to be a little shorter in depth.

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