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Friday, November 18, 2011

Potato Stamp Art - Christmas Cards

You will need...
1. mini cookie cutters I found (you can always draw your own design onto the potato),
2. one medium/large potato,
3. a pearing knife,
4. an ink pad,
5. and recycled homemade paper.

How to make the stamp...
1. First you cut the potato in half and take the cookie cutter of your choice, center it, and press down firmly into the potato.
2. With the cookie cutter still in the potato, cut about 1/4″ from the top, throwing away all the excess potato edges.
3. Remove the cookie cutter, and voila you have your stamp!


How to make your cards, tags, etc...
1. Next, choose your paper.
2. Cut the paper down to size (mine are 4″x6″ postcards) and stamp away!
3. Make sure to ink your stamp well the first time and maybe use some test paper too.

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