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Friday, November 18, 2011

Upcycled Packaging - Gift Wrap

holiday packaging ideas

my etsy pick of the day today (a set of hand by hand photo postcards by nestausa) is wrapped so nicely, i just had to do a post on it as inspiration for wrapping gifts this year. i'm so fond of kraft paper and the idea of punching holes on the side like that with twine and embellishing it with a lovely seal really appeals to me.

I thought I'd share a few of my family DIY projects for the holidays as we head into the home stretch this year.

Wrap all of your gifts in "upcycled" DIY Holiday giftwrapping

Step 1: Cut the paper shopping bag open and remove the handles. Remove the flap formed by the bottom of the bag so that you have 1 large sheet of brown paper.
Tip: Use the cotton setting and iron the wrinkles out of your bag.

Step 2: Wrap your present using your shopping bag, just as you would normally wrap a present. You can add a strip of newspaper or an old map around the present. Another option is to use stamps or a little glitter to spruce up your brown bag.


Step 3: Cut a strip of fabric from your recycled sweater/T-shirt. Tie this strip of fabric around your present. Don't fret if you don't have an old sweater lying around; take a look around your house for items you might be able to use to embellish your gifts. Old brooches or buttons work great as "bows." Be creative! 

Step 4: Using a craft punch, punch a gift tag out of old cereal boxes (or whatever cardboard material you might have around the house). You can paint or glitter over the writing on the tag but I personally loved the original recycled look.

                             Upcycled Gift Wrapping Final

Step 5: Place the present under your tree until Christmas (or Hanukkah) morning!

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