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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

bells out of egg cartons - recycling

New Year's decorations from packaging ..

As I looked at some box packaging and thought of how much paper waste it was.
I thought. "How can I give it a new life?"
   Here is what I came up with.
   Paint with acrylic paint (I had"Bronze").

 Cut into desired bell shape      
To make a bell, cut the wire to a  length of 40 cm

At one end of the wire put on 4 beads, tying a golden wire and anchoring wires, covering the upper tail of wire 2 more beads, measure 7 -8 cm wire from a light green beads and at this distance fasten the second 

 bead, which should be below the apex .
Then pass through the wire out and stringing beads in three tops, each fixing.
of the cone
For a single bell ... measured from the last bead somewhere 6 cm, tying a bead , 
fasten the end of the wire at the top (eye turns)
To manufacture the suspension connect the three bells in any form

          Here is what I achieved.                       

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