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Friday, January 6, 2012

tic tac vase

Tutorial: Tic Tac Vases by
My husband loves orange tic tacs almost as much as Paulie Bleaker, and we have a lot of these empty containers laying around. So, I decided to up-cycle them into mini bud vases. They work wonderfully together and look great lined up too. All you will need are some old magazines and tic tac containers. Here’s how to make them…
Grab some empty tic tac containers and remove all the sticker labeling with soap and water. Once all the labels have been removed, use an Xacto knife or something similar to cut off the top flap. Then grab an old magazine and find an area large enough to cover your tic tac vase.
Tip: Paper Source catalogs are perfect for this. Great patterns and thick matte paper. Cut out a strip long enough to wrap around the container completely. Attach with glue and wait for it to dry. Fill with water and add flowers. Note: This works best as a single bud vase, but if you would like to add multiple flowers, weight the container down with a couple of pennies or pebbles at the bottom.

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