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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Decorate a Festive Wreath

For one wreath you will need:

Cardboard (pizza box tops work great)
A dinner plate and a slightly smaller round stencil
Pen or pencil
Box cutter
Mod Podge or other craft glue
Decorative paper scraps (leftover wrapping paper, tissue paper or florist paper)
Assorted greeting cards


1) Use the plate to stencil a circle onto the cardboard. Center a smaller stencil inside the first circle, and trace around it with a pen or pencil. Cut out the circles with a box cutter to make a cardboard ring.

2) Cut the scrap paper into 1 inch squares. Using the paintbrush, spread a bit of mod podge onto the cardboard ring. Place a square of paper over the glue, then brush with a thin layer of mod podge to smooth.

3) Continue adding squares of paper until the entire ring is covered, over lapping each square slightly. Add 2 or more layers until the cardboard no longer shows through. Allow each layer to dry before adding the next one.

4) Cut assorted festive shapes from the greeting cards. Arrange the pieces on the wreath until you are satisfied with the design. Apply the card shapes to the wreath with mod podge, and allow to dry.

5) Decorate the wreath with glitter if you wish, and hang from a door or window with a push pin.

You can also attach a string to the wreath for easy hanging. Simply staple a length of string to the back of the cardboard ring before adding the paper squares. Cover the staples with paper as you work to secure them.

Vogue recycled wreath

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