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Sunday, December 4, 2011

craft a christmas box for cookies or more - a tutorial

Gift Box Tutorial

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.  Today's project is from Pam Callaghan, one of our talented design team members.  She created a great gift box tutorial using our new paper collection, English Garden.  As lots of you are gearing up for graduations and weddings, this beautiful box will come in handy for those special little gifts.
Gift box
Embellished Gift Box Directions
1.  Print and cut out template (print template).  Make sure you print in the right orientation so it fits on almost the entire sheet.  The dotted lines are for folding and the solid lines are for cutting.  Carefully cut out the image.  Make sure you cut up the bottom solid line-that will serve as the bottom flaps of the box.

2.   Using a pencil, trace your template onto your patterned paper.  Marks Paper Company’s double sided paper works great because the inside of the box will be patterned as well.  Here you can see I want the purple and white paper as my outside.

3.  Do the same cutting that you did on the white template.  Remember the solid lines are for cutting and the dotted lines are for folding.  Make sure you only cut out the solid lines on your box.

4.  Fold your box where the dotted lines would be. You can reference your original white template to get an idea of where to fold.  You are going to be folding inward just as I did in the photo below.  It should fold quite easily if you cut in all the right places.  Make sure you make good creases in your paper in order for the box shape to keep well.

5.  Fold your box like the photo below.  You are going to fold the outer flap inside the box. Put some glue on the flap and press firmly for it to hold.  The creases on the folds should guide you on how to fold your box.


 6.  Fold the bottom flaps up and glue the last three to each other.   Do not put glue on the top of the very first flap because your gift will stick to your box.  You can use tape to secure the flaps in place.  When finished, embellish as desired.  The new die cuts and covered buttons work great for the box!
You are done! 
Gift box2 

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